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Welcome to Internal Medicine of the Palm Beaches

We have created a practice out of a desire to solve patients' problems, rather than treat and mask symptoms. We combine the best of internal medicine. Our diagnostic methods and treatments are based on sound basic and clinical sciences. We rely on the latest from peer-reviewed journals as well as clinical experience. Our ideal patient is someone who wants to engage, and who wants to be taught how they can heal themselves. If you have chronic medical problems that remain unsolved after years and visits to many doctors: if you take vitamins, and you are hiding them from your doctor, then Internal Medicine Care of the Palm Beaches is the practice for you.

Dr. Ambrose is a Board-Certified Physician. His goal is to provide individualized medical care to patients with chronic diseases, based on a model of practice that focuses on the mechanisms of disease, and addresses the root cause of illness. 

Comprehensive Services • Unparalleled Personal Care

Doctor's Visit

We use advanced visual technology to diagnose and treat medical conditions that impact the lives of adults, including:

  • Hypertension

  • Diabetes

  • High Cholesterol

  • Other common diseases


Standard Services include:

  • Routine Physicals

  • Pre-operative Consultations

  • Urgent Appointments

  • Immigration Physicals

Patient Centered

It is our goal at Internal Medicine Care of the Palm Beaches (IM Care of the Palm Beaches) to make the patient experience worthy of the commitment you have made to your health and the faith you have placed in our practice. Our primary commitment at IM Care of the Palm Beaches is to your good health. We are aware that not everything here applies to every patient. Nevertheless, we encourage you to keep reminding us of this commitment where necessary, and we will do our best to uphold our end of this relationship. We want to guide you to your healthy best.

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